The Thanksgiving Plan Book Pre-Launch sale 40% off 10/31 -11/2

This fall has been the never ending fall harvest. My farmwife friends in our area are tending to agree. I have been in charge of running for parts, and tending to all livestock needs most of this fall. All while homeschooling, keeping up our home, having a nearly 5 month old baby who umm… well has bad sleeping habits. This led me to design a plan book, The Thanksgiving Plan Book for our family or maybe more for me to help me plan a Thanksgiving of Gratitude without losing the joy of being thankful. The Thanksgiving Plan Book A Simple Plan for a Thanksgiving of Gratitude


The Thanksgiving Plan Book, A Simple Plan for a Thanksgiving of Gratitude eBook is a 15 page ebook with pages to help you get organized, decorate, menu plan, a place to create a book list, activities to do with your children, Gratitude list, and more!! The cost? $5 I have spent several hours of designing, prayer and thought went into this. And… bonus it is designed to be used in different sized planners by how you print it or cut on the borders on each page!! Erin Condren? YES!! Plum Paper Planner? YES!!  8.5 x 11 inches? YES!! Thanksgiving Plan Book 3 page

There are charts or forms to make list for so much in this planner:

  • Menu
  • Shopping
  • Activities
  • Decorating
  • Books to Read
  • Verses of Gratitude
  • To Do Before the Big Day
  • To Do the Day of
  • Places to Visit

Since you can print this planner for your own use as many times as you need, you can use it for years to come.

Grab The Thanksgiving Plan Book this weekend for 40% off!! Use code Prelaunch40 at checkout!!

Messy Beautiful Love a Review

Everyone talks about how beautiful love is and then it seems anymore when it gets messy it is time to jump ship.

Messy Beautiful Love helps us to understand and see that there are messy seasons.  It helps us know we aren’t alone.  It guides us through them.

After a few years, nah months,  weeks of marriage, I figured out it wasn’t easy.  It was messy… in more ways than I could count.  I mean there is this new person living with me who has his own ideas?  Really?  I am supposed to love him?  Love him when he tracks mud through the house?  Love him when his clothes are covered in grease and I have no idea how they will ever be wearable again?  Love him when he doesn’t like the food I fix?  Love him when there is only his way to do EVERYTHING? Someone is nuts!! OR are they?  Messy Beautiful Love… What is that?  Well, it could be parenting, or marriage, or just plain living with other people surrounding you…

Our marriages seem to go in cycles.  Cycles of good, bad and ugly…

Messy Beautiful Love

The book Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht written for married or nearly married women.  It let’s us know that love, well though beautiful is MESSY!  Most likely more often messy with some beautiful mixed in…  At times it seems that way right?

In this book, Darlene shares real stories throughout to help us see the real in this Messy Beautiful Love.  This book will encourage those in that messy season.  It will help you prepare for a messy season that well, honestly will come.  It will help you look back at a messy season that you lived through and survived and say YES, someone else gets it.

Messy Beautiful Love  helps us as Christians to turn away from what the world believes we should do during those messy seasons of love.  It encourages us to grow, to get through it and to build from it.

Whatever stage you are in your marriage, I encourage you to grab a copy of this book and read it today.  You will be blessed.



Bless a Homeschooler $500 Giveaway

As homeschool moms many of us come from single income families.  We pinch and squeeze and tighten the budgets like no body’s business.  As a single income homeschool family, I know that just about any of us could use an extra $500 to use on homeschool supplies, field trips or even a coop class you didn’t’ figure you would be able to swing.

Bless a Homeschooler Giveaway 600x600

At this time, if I won this giveaway, I would buy a fabric cube for each of my children, one for my planning tools, one for completed work, and one for family school.

Any homeschool family could use this wonderful pencil sharpener. We actually already own this baby, and LOVE it!!

You could subscribe to a year’s subscription to LessonTrek and  be able to plan and record your entire homeschool year in a professional format.

You can add another wonderful history resource to your homeschool, helping you teach history for a strong Christ centered literature based


 These are just a few of the things I would get for our homeschool to make this year.  I would use some of the leftover money for field trips, special rewards for extra hard work on challenging concepts, books my children want, and craft or hobby supplies.  What would you purchase with an extra $500 to spend on homeschool supplies?


In order to win this prize, you must have a Paypal account.a Rafflecopter giveaway
Be sure to visit all of the hosts of this giveaway for more homeschool ideas!!

Preparing for the New Homeschool Year~Online Records Lessontrek

It’s that time of year.  The time when many homeschool moms are rushing around trying to get all their ducks or.. books in a row.  Suddenly they relize they need to also get their recordkeeping plans set… I like the ease of a paper record keeper, but LOVE the professionalism of an online record keeper.  Lessontrek is a new online lesson planner.

Lessontrek Web based easy to use Homeschool Planning App

I am still in the process of setting up our school in Lessontrek.  In fact we won’t officially start our book work school year for another couple of months.  At this time we are doing a very lifestyle of learning type of school based around our farm life.  Lessontrek allows me to customize each entry of our Lifestyle of Learning lesson or project with just a little typing and a few clicks.  Making it simple to keep track of all the accomplishments outside the textbooks!!


Lessontrek features (directly from Lessontrek’s home page)

Lesson plans can be taken wherever you go, or create your lesson plan template on-the-go
  • Lesson tracker
  • Grade recording
  • Drag and drop lessons to another weekday
  • Copy/paste lessons across weeks
  • Copy/paste an entire week of lessons
  • Print weekly lesson plans
  • Secure information storage
  • Customer support
  • Ongoing improvements based on your feedback
  • … and more

Features in the works

  • Gradebook
  • Shared subjects across students
  • Attendance tracking
  • Transcripts

Browser Requirements

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10+


Below are some screen shots as I set it up.  Most everything is fairly easy.  A click here and a bit of typing, and then be sure to hit done/save. Otherwise you get to start over.  Ask me how I know.  lol


Using Lessontrek 


Setting up the new school year in Lessontrek

Setting up the new year, just a few clicks.  It is all step by step, making it simple and fast.


School Year Profile




Adding new students to Lessontrek

Adding new students to your Lessontrek planner couldn’t be much easier.  Over the last few years, I have had to add a new student as another child ages into our homeschool lessons.

Lesson Trek New Student


Creating a New Subject in Lessontrek

Creating a new subject in LessonTrek is quite easy.  It is all step by step.  I have added in a subject of Lifestyle of Learning here.  In the next screen shot you can see a little better how to easily customize daily tasks that have taken place as we do Lifestyle of Learning on our farm.


Creating New subject


Setting up an assignment and adding grades in Lessontrek

Setting up an assignment and adding grades in Lessontrek is done in the same screen.  So, if you just happen to add lessons as they happen, you can do it all at once.  That’s how I do things!!  Here is where you can see the ease of customizing the things your child has learned through life skills and such. (Lifestyle of Learning)

Inserting Grades in an assignment



Printing with Lessontrek

You can print each week’s lesson easily with just a click or two of the mouse.  I am still trying to figure out how to get the grades printed after I enter them.  I only had a few minutes to mess with that before baby needed my attention.  With a new baby in our home, I need something super user friendly, and so farm Lessontrek seems to fit that bill!!

Printable record


I suspect that the printable grade record is coming soon, as it is listed on their website as in the works. Maybe that is why I couldn’t figure that out in the few minutes I played with it.  ;)

With this being a cloud or online based software or app, you can use it from your tablet, laptop, desktop computer, iPad, and smartphone.  This makes it easily portable and always up to date as long as you remember to click SAVE/Done when you enter new information.  As more and more homeschools become more on the go, being mobile is a huge benefit for moms as they try to keep up with the busyness of today’s active homeschools.

I have enjoyed learning and playing with Lessontrek as I set up our homeschool.  The ease and customization in Lessontrek makes this one of the best online lesson planning software I have tried.

Lessontrek Pricing

Lessontrek is $6 per month or $60 for a full year to access this app from any device you can get on the internet with!!!  You will always have your homeschool plans and lessons at your fingertips!!

Be sure to follow Lessontrek on Facebook to learn about new updates as they happen.  Be sure to sign up for a FREE 14 day trial of Lessontrek to see if this app is a good fit for your homeschool!!

Lessontrek Discount 50% Off Discount

Lessontrek would like to offer ALL of my readers 50% off a 1 year subscriptions. This will make your program very affordable for even tight budgets. Families can get a full year access to Lessontrek for just $30.  You need to click the $60 yearly and enter the code 2IOL50 in the Payment Info section. Your credit card will be charged $30 for a full year and then renew for $60 each year thereafter.

I received a year of Lessontrek in return for my honest review.  I have not received any other compensation.

Wheat Harvest 2014 Blessings

Wheat harvest 2014 is beginning to wind down here.  It seems to me like it has taken forever, but really, it is just running later in the year.

Wheat Harvest 2014

Here in our area of Kansas, wheat harvest 2014 has not been a bumper crop.  With the drought, and cold temperatures a bit too late in the season the crop has been rather slim.

Wheat Harvest 2014

It has been a roller coaster for our family.  Well, with a new baby in the family, a new to us combine and well, rain every few days, it has been one of those will it ever end type of wheat harvests’.  We have had just a little going on.  You know, wheat harvest, putting up hay, Vacation Bible School and having a baby all in about five weeks time.

With all that has gone on, we recruited our children to help out.  Very typical for farm families.  This is why our farm is a FAMILY farm.  Our oldest, nearly fifteen is now swathing hay.  He is starting on our second cutting now.  With alfalfa hay, you normally four to five cuttings a year.  He has also started working ground, tilling it to get it ready to plant next year’s crops.  Having children old enough and mature enough to help has taken a huge load off our work load.

We got all our wheat harvested early on.  However, we have helped friends and family since. Since our wheat crop was a bit lacking, cutting for others will help bring in a little extra money.

As a Farm Wife I am Needed

Simon was born just days before wheat harvest started.  But, he was born, long enough before that we weren’t stressed terribly bad while in the hospital.  However, having a baby during the harvest season is a bit or a lot stressful.  I worried whether I would be up to driving to help move equipment from field to field or take meals to those who didn’t stop to eat.  I worried about parts runs and all the fun that goes with being a farm wife.  We are needed a lot, and I was down…

God Knew What He was Doing

However, God knew what He was doing, like there was any doubt…

  • Baby came a bit early.
  • Friends helped us out.
  • It rained lessening the effects of our current drought. (we are still in a drought)
  • We are all healthy and mostly recovered.


I have been able to help out with things around the farm.  Mainly, taking kiddos to the field, taking meals to the field and helping move equipment.  I may be driving a tract the end of this week.   I am feeling pretty well now, though a bit tired.  Simon sleeps better than some of our other newborns.  Our children love to help with him, so I can get things done when needed.

Baby Simon Harvest Blessing

How is God blessing your summer?  How has God shown Himself in your life during  a time that could be/or was stressful?


Baby #7 is Here~ Birth Story

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Picking Out a Printer for the Homeschool Family

Picking out a printer for the homeschool family has many challenges.  Probably the biggest challenge is the financial side. Most of us are single income families, and well that means that having that extra $200-$500 laying around to spend on a printer when the need arises is probably not the case… Earlier this month I…

Galapagos Islands a EduVacation in a Book

What is an EduVacation?  It is a educating vacation.  However, this one is in a book.  Galapagos Islands is a book published by MasterBooks, is a pictorial view with lots of text to help your family get an idea what the Galapagos Islands is all about. It could be considered one of the most beautiful…

You Might Be a Literature Based Homeschool If

My oldest two children love to read, they read in the car, they read during their free time, they read during our nap/rest time, they read when they should be doing chores, they read to their siblings, and well, they read to get out of trouble.  My husband and I both love to read also. …

2014 Word of the Year

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A Light bulb Moment with my Sensory Intense Child and her PJs

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Holiday eBook Bundle to Help Your Family Stay Focused

Thanksgiving, Christmas and all are just around the corner.  It is time to get organized and focused on the true reasons for these special holidays.  This bundle of 25 books for JUST $25 will be sure to help you.  There are planning pages, homeschooling helps, pages to help your children record their memories, crafts to…

Not Just Tacos Recipe Book Giveaway

Remember a few weeks ago, I did a review about the Not Just Tacos book and linked you to how to get the eBook version for free?  Well, now I am so excited to get to giveaway one of these away in real hard back form.  AKA not an ebook. Due to all the busyness…

Thirty-One Days of Our Life on the Prairie Day 3

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