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Christmas & Advent Studies

Every year many homeschool families choose to cut back on a lot of their school and focus more on the true meaning of Christmas.  I have gathered several items that can help you keep the focus for many different ages.   Twenty-Five Days of Christmas Quotes Copywork is a unique … [Read More...]

Super Homeschool Black Friday Deals

Is your homeschool in need of some refreshment? Some new perspective? A little fun?  Has the same old same old gotten in the way of moving forward with new concepts?  I get this, and well, now, is a GREAT time to pick up a few new things to liven up the learning.  Please note:  Some links & … [Read More...]

Leftover Turkey Ideas

Are you swimming in leftovers?  I know we always are after Thanksgiving.  Over the years I have found ways to use them. When you have a large family you can get quite creative in the kitchen.   I have found that pretty much any recipe that has cooked chicken in it can be used for leftover … [Read More...]

Canning the Harvest

Many years ago, oh probably 14 or so Amy at RaisingArrows and I got together to can Applesauce.  Man, we thought we had made a lot... something like 10 quarts or so... But, since then our families have grown... a lot... tripled...and we have to make much larger batches of stuff.  A couple of years … [Read More...]

Christmas Copywork

Over the years, I have tried to find a fairly simple, but nice set of Christmas copywork/handwriting pages to use during the Christmas/Advent Season.  I wanted something that would provide opportunity for creativity, but with a bit of structure.  My husband and I have always used lots of quotes in … [Read More...]

ESV Journaling Bible Giveaway

I first learned about Artistic Bible Journaling about a year ago.  I have been wanting an ESV Journaling Bible specifically for that purpose ever since, but just haven't been able to justify the cost.  Then, I was offered the opportunity to review the ESV Journaling Bible by FlyBy … [Read More...]

I am a Planner Failure

A Planner Failure?  Yep, I am admitting it. Whether it be a schedule or curriculum, homemaking, errands, I have failed... and not just once or twice. Actually if I were brutally honest, I fail daily with plans... but am a I failing or am I not listening to God as I plan?? I wake with big ideas of … [Read More...]

Summer Homeschool Plans & Giveaway

We don't always homeschool through the summer.  In fact, it has been several years since we have.  However, this past year we had several interruptions, and I believe we need to cover a bit extra this year.  So, I am working on our summer homeschool plans. Our Summer Homeschool Plans, will be … [Read More...]

6 Reasons the Bundle Sale is an Awesome Deal

We have all been hearing about this big, huge, awesome, 200+ items  Build Your Own Bundle sale.  BUT... is it all it is cracked up to be? Short answer??? YES, YES, YES... Why? 6 Reason the Bundle Sale is an AWESOME Deal 1.  Since everything is a download, you can print the products as … [Read More...]

Five Tips for the Discouraged Mom

As I have entered the years of parenting teens, I have found myself discouraged quite often.  Maybe it has to do with the fact my strongest willed child is my oldest and well, he became a teen first... I have been told that boys brains seem to turn to mush.... Maybe that is why I get so … [Read More...]

Fourteen Ways to Enjoy Education on Vacation

I have talked about our lifestyle of education a lot on this blog.  Even … [Read More...]

Last Day to Grab a Coupon Code!

The 2015 Build Your Bundle Sale is almost here! To celebrate the upcoming … [Read More...]

The Bundle Giveaway Ends TODAY!!

The 2015 Build Your Bundle Sale is almost here! To celebrate the upcoming … [Read More...]

Homeschool History

We have been TruthQuest History users for a very long time.  We still will … [Read More...]

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