A Look into Our Daily Lives, On the Farm and Around the Home

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Jesus Paid It All T-Shirt

My children love to wear their t-shirts from church camp, homeschool convention children's programs and other Christian t-shirts we have accumulated over the years.  Anything with a little scripture and they are all over it!! So, when the opportunity came for this awesome Jesus Paid It … [Read More...]

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Homeschool Mineral Study

Minerals are fascinating.  We have had a few books about minerals, but NEVER anything from a Christian perspective, until now...  The Mineral Book, by David McQueen, from New Leaf Press, is EXCELLENT!! I have looked for a homeschool mineral study in the past and never found anything.  It is geared … [Read More...]

DIY Upcycled Clipboard, Grab Some Scrapbook Paper, Modge Podge and Washi or Deco Tape and you can upcycle a tattered clipboard into a nice cute clipboard in about fifteen minutes!!

DIY Upcycled Clipboard

I love using clipboards to help keep us organized... from corraling drawing that my children are working on, to the extra to do list, to grocery lists... I have clipboards all around our home. However, when used, they tend to get ugly... marked up, dented, spilt on and well just yucky... So, what is … [Read More...]

FarmLife Tuesday Recovery Mode

FarmLife Tuesday~Recovery Mode

Around the farm the last couple of weeks has been recovery mode... Recovery from When Mommy Gets Sick, after having sick kiddos.  We survived all that, three weeks of sickness, and mommy is still in recovery mode as she just doesn't have her energy back yet...But, I am getting very close... if baby … [Read More...]

BOJ Square 300x250 wframe

Bible Curriculum 50% Off SALE

Our favorite bible curriculum is 50% off until February 3, 2015!!  We love … [Read More...]

God's Wondrous Machine

God’s Wondrous Machine

I love science, especially biological science and human anatomy, how our … [Read More...]

When Mommy Gets Sick, part of the house may fall apart, but most likely, everyone will have food and survived.

When Mommy Gets SICK

When Mommy Gets SICK... keeping up the home, school and life with our … [Read More...]

Surviving the Icky Yucky Croupy Crud With a Baby in the Home

Maintaining Sanity With a Sick Baby

So, we rang in the New Year with the Icky Yucky Croupy Crud and I ended up … [Read More...]