40% Off Super Holiday Sale

I love a good deal, and well, I have one for you this weekend.  One of my goals with my blog is to provide a few printables at a reasonable price.  Well, that price just got better, all products are 40% off through December 2nd.

There are Recordkeeping pages, house hold organization, Pearl Harbor Study, Christmas Memories and so much more!!   I have and do use all of these products in our home.  They were originally designed for our children and family.

Now is a great time to stock up on things to keep you kiddos learning during the busy Christmas season with something new and fun, and also grap a few things to help you get organized for the new year!!

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Peace Creek Store Products

The Thanksgiving Plan Book A Simple Plan for a Thanksgiving of Gratitude

The Thanksgiving Plan Book
The Thanksgiving Plan Book, A Simple Plan for a Thanksgiving of Gratitude eBook is a 15 page ebook with pages to help you get organized, decorate, menu plan, a place to create a book list, activities to do with your children, Gratitude list, and more!! it is designed to be used in different sized planners by how you print it or cut on the borders on each page!! Erin Condren? YES!! Plum Paper Planner YES!!  8.5 x 11 inches? YES!!

Cricket Notebooking Style Nature and Unit Study

Cricket Notebooking Style Nature and Unit Study
This fifteen page notebooking style study will help your children learn a bit about crickets and gain a little more interest in some of God's creation. They will learn the parts of the cricket, habitat, what they eat, and more. When your children bring you a cricket grab these pages and turn it into a learning experience.

Basic Space Vocabulary Notebooking Pages

Basic Space Vocabulary Notebooking Pages
These pages are to help your student gain a basic space vocabulary. There are lines to write about the terms and place to draw a picture about the term, to help your students learn and remember what they have learned.

Family Christmas Memories Notebooking Pages

Family Christmas Memories Notebooking Pages
A set of notebooking pages to help your children record their memories from your family Christmas Celebration. There are pages to use their art skills, writing skills, and more. 25 pages total.

Pearl Harbor Notebooking Pages

Pearl Harbor Notebooking Pages
A quick study of Pearl Harbor to help your children grasp a bit about that day.

Mommy’s Weekly To Do List

Mommy's Weekly To Do List
A single page layout for the week including space for daily to dos, weekly and daily projects, groceries, scripture, prayer needs and more with check boxes for nearly all of it. Being a single page with nearly everything you could need to keep your week moving and organized, you are sure to use this page to keep you on track.

Daily Schedule Page

Daily Schedule Page
Daily Schedule Page
This daily schedule allows you to set up a schedule for up to seven member of your family. There are places to list your menu, housework, errands/shopping, and to do list. I laminate 2-4 of these and set them up for the week using a wet erase marker to save on paper and printing cost.

Daily Routine Page

Daily Routine
A Timed Schedule doesn't work for everyone. This routine is set up around times of the day, not by the clock. This Daily Routine allows you to set up a schedule for up to eight members of your family. There are places to list your menu, errands/shopping, prayers, and to do list. I laminate 2-4 of these and set them up for the week using a wet erase marker to save on paper and printing cost.

Weekly Student Assignment Sheet with Lifestyle of Learning Record Space

Weekly Student Assignment Sheet with Lifestyle of Learning Record Space
Student Assignment Page with Checkboxes for student and teacher, what I am reading, places I have gone, people I have seen, Life Skills Learned, Projects I am working on, Character and Bible. I use this to assign a week's work of lessons to help foster independent learning.

180 Day Subject Record

180 Day Subject Record Keeping Forms
There are 24 pages in this download, one for nearly every subject you can think of. There is even a blank page. I use these pages to help keep track of the number of days we have worked on a subject. I record the basics of what we completed, pages, field trip etc.

Grade Record

Grade Record
This is a two page record, and contains space for 45 days, and to average at the middle and end of the 45 days.
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Priorities of a Mom’s Heart

As I sit, silently begging baby to take a nice long nap, I wonder what the rush is? Why? 
Why do mom’s want to rush? Rush to the next nap time, bedtime, time away from these gifts God has given us? How do we manage to lose the true Priorities of a Mom’s Heart? Why is I sitting here frustrated that baby isn’t taking a much-needed nap?  What is it that is so important that I can’t just cuddle this blessing that God has given us?  

Priorities of a Mom's Heart  God Husband Children.

Distractions from Priorities

Yes, farm life has kept me super busy, leaving our home in chaos much of the time, but…

Do I seriously not have time to hold and snuggle my baby?

Now, thinking… I don’t just do this with my baby.  I get frustrated when my children want me for other things… to watch their endless cartwheels, or to help them make stickers over and over and over…

Is the extra 15 to 20 minutes baby is taking to go to sleep really all that valuable? In 12 months, is it going to make a difference? 

Our world is in a crisis..

  • ISIS
  • Ebola
  • Cancer
  • Abuse
  • and so much more

Families are falling apart. Kids are dying, kids are sick. Kids are losing parents.

My Priorities

An extra 15 minutes to hold my babies each day won’t make a difference in 20 years, except…

My children will know they were in the top 3 of my list…

  1. God
  2. Husband
  3. Kiddos

I have missed blogging deadlines, bills, meetings and more… but I refuse to miss my husband and kiddos.

My house is in chaos more than cleaned up most any time. We have projects and messes lying around. Books are everywhere. Twenty years from now, will it matter?

Yes, because my kiddos were learning and they knew that they came first… that is what will matter. 

The bills got paid, the blog is there, not going anywhere. In twenty years, actually likely less, I will be doing it all over again with grandkids. 

So, today, I take the time to hold baby those extra minutes he needs. Who am I to say it is a want? Does he need it because he isn’t feeling well? Is our rough night last night a sign he is sick?  Is the change of our daily routine with Fall Harvest affecting him? 

Priorities through the Holidays

Now with the Thanksgiving and Christmas season upon us, this will only get worse, unless, we consciously work to remember our priorities.

We will make some Thanksgiving goodies.  We will plan some Christmas activities.  We will set the to do list aside for a few hours each day and focus on what is here, the important things, family, and each other. We will remember why we are thankful.  We will remember why we celebrate Christmas. We will enjoy the Christmasy decorations and talk about the symbolization of them.

Priorities Today

Today is where we are, tomorrow may never happen. Take the time to meet needs today, and worry over tomorrow later. The to do list you made, did you ask God about it? What if He hands you an entirely different list? What if His list is holding baby extra long? What if it is taking your children to wish an elderly cousin a happy birthday? What if His list has you staying still all day, etching your children’s play, conversations, , and more into your memory, because tomorrow never comes?

One of our priorities each day needs to be prayer.  We need to be teaching our children to pray.   Check out this wonderful prayer calendar for December.

Need some reading to help you discover a few more of those important priorities?  Check out these ten books for mom.

Priorities in a Mom’s Heart will make a difference for many future generations.  Are we too focused on things to remember this? Focused on what?

Brookdale House 30% Off Sale

Brookdale House 30% off EVERYTHING!!


We have used a few different products from Brookdale House this year!!  We are loving Kimberly’s stuff!!  Brookdale House is a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum company.  Brookdale House has a treasure for the homeschool family that not only are their products Charlotte Mason inspired, but they also have a strong Biblical focus!!   Right now is the time to take advantage of the Brookdale House and grab up some goodies while you can get any of Brookdale House’s products for 30% off!!

Brookdale House 30% Off Sale

Two Coupons! Two Ways to Save!

At checkout enter two coupon codes! The first will take 30% off your purchase. The second will add the free Christmas themed eBook to your cart.

Use Both Coupons at Once!

1) To Save 30% enter: givethanks

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2) To Grab the Freebie enter: freegift

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To take advantage of this huge sale, visit Brookdale House!

They have a great selection of books!

Write from History series

An Elementary Writing Curriculum



We will start using Write from History in January with our TruthQuest History Studies!

Writing from Rhetoric (A Middle School Curriculum)

Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons

Sheldon's New Primary Language Lessons

Bible Memorization Made Easy

Memorize Galatians

The Westminster Catechism Copybook (various fonts)

The Fun Spanish

Handwriting Practice: From the Bible!

Bible Handwriting Practice series

 The Bible Handwriting Practice series is a 3 book series, designed to teach traditional manuscript handwriting to young students, using Bible verses as the source for the handwriting models.

We have been using Handwriting Practice From the Bible with our youngest four children this year.  They are learning bible verses and learning to write neatly by hand!!  They are also getting extra daily practice reading scripture.  



Not only do you get to grab up a few homeschool goodies to help make things a little easier in your homeschool, but you get a free set of Christmas Copywork Pages!!  Be sure to use the coupons above!!




Pictures From Around the Farm

I am a little late posting this today, but here are a few.  We have finished Milo and soybean harvest, but still have some alfalfa seed to finish up.  So, without further ado, here are some pictures from around our farm!!  Some days I just go find my hubby out in the field and see what kind of pictures I can get.  This is what this week’s pictures from around the farm are an evening near dusk grabbing shots as he works.


Combine cutting soybeans as the moon rises behind it.



Combine cutting soybeans as the moon rises behind it.


The sun was still above the horizon as I grabbed this shot of his cutting soy beans.  That is the moon coming up...

The sun was still above the horizon as I grabbed this shot of his cutting soy beans. That is the moon coming up…

Cutting soybeans as the sky turns to a beautiful twilight.

Cutting soybeans as the sky turns to a beautiful twilight.

I hope you have enjoyed these few pictures of us finishing our soybean harvest.  Stay tuned for next weeks pictures from around the farm!!

Thanksgiving Reading List

Our family loves to read.  We read several times throughout the day as a family and independently.  I have older children read to younger children and younger children read to older children, all of us read together and so forth.  However, I have found that we tend to get tired of reading the same thing over and over.  In order to help this problem, I am developing reading list for each month.  These lists may be more like a Reading Idea List.  Our November Reading List is focused around Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Reading List

Click on the picture of each book to be taken to a link to purchase the book.


“The Pilgrims’ celebration of the first Thanksgiving is a keystone of America’s national and spiritual identity. But is what we’ve been taught about them or their harvest feast what actually happened? And if not, what difference does it make? Through the captivating story of the birth of this quintessentially American holiday, veteran historian Tracy McKenzie helps us to better understand the tale of America’s origins—and for Christians, to grasp the significance of this story and those like it. McKenzie avoids both idolizing and demonizing the Pilgrims, and calls us to love and learn from our flawed yet fascinating forebears.”



“Celebrate the season in this heartwarming story that references Psalm 92 in tender rhyme from award-winning author Karma Wilson. Told from the point of view of one young member of an extended family, Give Thanks to the Lord celebrates joy of all kinds”



“In England in the early 1600s, everyone was forced to join the Church of England. Young William Bradford and his friends believed they had every right to belong to whichever church they wanted. In the name of religious freedom, they fled to Holland, then sailed to America to start a new life”



“After an abundance of prayers and tears we made farewells at dockside and boarded our small ship. Our voyage across the Atlantic Ocean “began with a prosperous wind,” but the sea soon became “sharp and violent” and storms howled about us.
When the pilgrims set out for America, they brought with them a dream for the future. ”



“The official start of the harvest season, it occurs around September 21 each year. It marks the end of summer and the beginning of longer nights and shorter days. For many cultures around the world, the fall equinox represents a time to celebrate the harvest and begin collecting and storing crops.”



“1607: A New Look at Jamestown is the last word on America’s first colony. With expert appraisal of new archaeological evidence, this National Geographic title stands alone for timely authority and visual appeal.”



“Beloved author Jean Craighead George traces the passage of time from the melting of the glaciers that created Cape Cod and Plymouth Rock to the moment the Pawtuxet Indians and the Pilgrims met and feasted together. Thomas Locker’s luminous paintings give the story a glowing, timeless quality.”



“Wouldn’t it be great to be part of that famous Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth Plantation back in 1621?
Then join the Time-Traveling Twins as they sit down to an enormous FOUR-DAY feast, complete with puddings, pompions, pottages, and, of course, turkeys. Meet Squanto and the other Native Americans. Help with the harvest. Find out what it was like to be a Pilgrim.”



“Sure, Thanksgiving is about pilgrims and history–and turkey, of course!–but most importantly, it’s a holiday all about everything that we are thankful for. Cheerful, colorful illustrations accompany the simple text in this celebration of family, friends, and the holiday that brings them all together.”



“Questions and answers about the first Thanksgiving and what it was like to live in America in the 1620’s.”


“The story of the Pilgrims is vividly retold in simple language for beginning readers.”

“Every year Grandmother invited a guest for Thanksgiving dinner and allowed Maggie to do the same. “Ask someone poor or lonely,” she always said. Thanksgiving was Grandmother’s favorite day of the year. The cooking was done and her famous cranberry bread was cooling on a wooden board. But she wasn’t happy to find out Maggie had invited the unsavory Mr. Whiskers to dinner. Would her secret cranberry bread recipe be safe with him in the house? After a long absence this delightful 1971 classic is back. So is Grandmother’s secret recipe!”


There are many more great books available to read, but obviously I can’t list every one here.

As we approach Thanksgiving and the need to plan and get organized, let’s not forget to spend time with our children reading about the history of why we stuff ourselves silly every November. Grab a few of these books from our family’s Thanksgiving Reading List.  Many are available at your library or you can click on each book and purchase them.  Be sure to use the book list in your The Thanksgiving Plan Book to keep your organized.


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Our lives are centered around our farm..  if for no other reason than farm life pretty much takes a ton of time.  Then because it is our income, our bread and butter, the bacon… or in our case beef. Our entire family is a part of our farm chores, from driving tractors, to working on equipment,…

Using The Thanksgiving Plan Book

Planning a holiday and hosting it in your home can be a big challenge, whether you work full time out side the home or stay home with your children.  This fall has been a lot busier for our family than probably any other fall in my married life.  This is our first fall actually having…

The Thanksgiving Plan Book Pre-Launch sale 40% off 10/31 -11/2

This fall has been the never ending fall harvest. My farmwife friends in our area are tending to agree. I have been in charge of running for parts, and tending to all livestock needs most of this fall. All while homeschooling, keeping up our home, having a nearly 5 month old baby who umm… well…

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Messy Beautiful Love helps us as Christians to turn away from what the world believes we should do during those messy seasons of love. It encourages us to grow, to get through it and to build from it.

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Wheat harvest 2014 is beginning to wind down here.  It seems to me like it has taken forever, but really, it is just running later in the year. Wheat Harvest 2014 Here in our area of Kansas, wheat harvest 2014 has not been a bumper crop.  With the drought, and cold temperatures a bit too…

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Picking out a printer for the homeschool family has many challenges.  Probably the biggest challenge is the financial side. Most of us are single income families, and well that means that having that extra $200-$500 laying around to spend on a printer when the need arises is probably not the case… Earlier this month I…

Galapagos Islands a EduVacation in a Book

What is an EduVacation?  It is a educating vacation.  However, this one is in a book.  Galapagos Islands is a book published by MasterBooks, is a pictorial view with lots of text to help your family get an idea what the Galapagos Islands is all about. It could be considered one of the most beautiful…

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