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When Motherhood Feels Like a Failure

I am going to be honest, brutally honest.  Some days being a mom is hard and well, it seriously feels like I am failing. I mean, I am outnumbered 7 to 1... actually if you include my husband in this, it is 8 to 1... At those odds, I am likely failing somewhere, Right? So, what do we do when … [Read More...]

25% Off Homeschool Writing Curriculum

For my family, teaching writing is one of the hardest things to do.  For some reason it is just a huge challenge.  A few years ago I stumbled upon a Charlotte Mason Inspired Writing Curriculum for elementary ages.   Writing Through History from Brookdale House is an easy to follow, easy … [Read More...]

From Planning Failure to Planning Success

At the beginning of 2016, I received an AWESOME, AMAZING planner to review.  I had all these ideas as to how I would use it... Then the fact that many of our unplanned welcome to our crazy life educational opportunities and lessons weren't getting recorded,  I found a way to implement that into the … [Read More...]

Leaving the Angry Parent Cycle

We all do it... We let the daily trials of being a parent take us to a whole new ability to... LOSE IT!! I mean how many of us have had one of those times that the crazy way our children decide to complete a chore gets us on edge.  Now, take that there are well, in my home seven children doing … [Read More...]

13 Non-Cluttering Gift Ideas

I love giving gifts and well, I love to get them too.  However, with nine people in our home, when everyone gets gifts it can be super chaotic for a few days as we try to find a home for all the new goods.  We tend to go through and eliminate things before Christmas, but it seems that with our … [Read More...]

Free Winter Writing Prompts Printable

If your children are like mine, they hate the boring writing books that are widely available to homeschools.  It seems homeschool children are a bit umm... spoiled?  Spoiled by parents who are creative teachers.  It isn't a bad thing, but, it makes things difficult when parents are in a super busy … [Read More...]

Homemade Eggnog with Cooked Eggs

I love Egg Nog, (no alcohol) but it is expensive and well the store bought kind has some yucky ingredients.   Now that we have hens laying and our cow should calve soon, we can make it fairly cheaply... It is actually not too bad for you, if you make it.  It is super high in protein and … [Read More...]

Christmas & Advent Studies

Every year many homeschool families choose to cut back on a lot of their school and focus more on the true meaning of Christmas.  I have gathered several items that can help you keep the focus for many different ages.   Twenty-Five Days of Christmas Quotes Copywork is a unique … [Read More...]

Super Homeschool Black Friday Deals

Is your homeschool in need of some refreshment? Some new perspective? A little fun?  Has the same old same old gotten in the way of moving forward with new concepts?  I get this, and well, now, is a GREAT time to pick up a few new things to liven up the learning.  Please note:  Some links & … [Read More...]

Leftover Turkey Ideas

Are you swimming in leftovers?  I know we always are after Thanksgiving.  Over the years I have found ways to use them. When you have a large family you can get quite creative in the kitchen.   I have found that pretty much any recipe that has cooked chicken in it can be used for leftover … [Read More...]

Canning the Harvest

Many years ago, oh probably 14 or so Amy at RaisingArrows and I got … [Read More...]

Christmas Copywork

Over the years, I have tried to find a fairly simple, but nice set of … [Read More...]

ESV Journaling Bible Giveaway

I first learned about Artistic Bible Journaling about a year ago.  I … [Read More...]

I am a Planner Failure

A Planner Failure?  Yep, I am admitting it. Whether it be a schedule or … [Read More...]

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