Vocabulary Fun with Vocabulary Cartoons~Review.

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Do your children dislike their vocabulary lessons?  Do they struggle to remember the meanings of the words learned just two weeks ago?  Are you ready for a fun and entertaining vocabulary resource?

Vocabulary Cartoons by New Monic Books, may well get rid of all your frustrations and increase your children’s vocabulary.  I am sure you have been around homeschool students who have that vocabulary that blows you away, I wonder if they had been given a copy of Vocabulary Cartoons to use?

Vocabulary Cartoons is $12.95, and for use with grades one through six.  There are other levels available too.  The pages are all black and white or grayscale.

Our oldest has had a lot of fun with this book.  First he loves cartoons, and this book gives a cartoon for every vocabulary word.  By making the learning process fun, they have eliminated the struggle of teaching new vocabulary words.

This book uses:

  • Rhyming Menemonics, word association using rhyming words.
  • Visual Mnemonics, pictures in your mind that help you remember the word

The how it works page explains this all really well.

Here is an example of how this works.

It takes approximately one to three minutes for your student to learn a new word.  How cool is that?   No more boring looking it up in the dictionary, and then coming to you for an understandable meaning.

The book even includes regular review or quizzes, so you can track their progress in actually retaining the meanings of the new words they have learned.

I have a friend, who had used this before I ever got it as a product to review.  She had a huge success in using it with her dyslexic son.  He is now in college.  I learned that bit of information when she saw this in our current school box.  She said “I love those books”.  I said, I will us that in my review. 😉

If you are needing a fun, but educational vocabulary resource, Vocabulary Cartoons may well be your answer.  Some Sample Cartoons are available to preview here.

See what other members of the TOSCrew had to say about Vocabulary Cartoons.


Disclaimer:  I received the elementary book to review free in return for my honest review.  I will receive no other compensation.

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